God Connects

Membership at Immanuel

We welcome you to consider taking the next step in becoming a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Those who are already members of Lutheran Churches can set up a meeting with Pastor Tieman and transfer their membership to Immanuel. You are also encouraged to take a God Connects class.

If you are new to the Lutheran Church, you are invited to take a God Connects class.

Throughout the year, we offer God Connect classes at Immanuel. This is a video based class that goes through the basic Lutheran teachings. Pastor Tieman and a variety of lay leaders teach various class sessions. Following the class, you are invited to become a member of Immanuel.

Class sessions include topics such as: Baptism, Communion, God’s Law, Prayer, Confession and Absolution, Why Jesus? Who is the Holy Spirit? and more. The sessions have time built in to ask questions and reflect on the teachings.

Following the God Connects session, you are invited to become a member of Immanuel. We welcome you during a worship service and encourage you to worship, attend Bible study or join a small group, and to become involved in a service opportunity or group at Immanuel.