Immanuel at A Glance

Immanuel at a Glance

A distinctively Christian school, Immanuel embraces the whole student by providing programs in preschool, elementary, and middle grades of academic excellence and intellectual freedom that encourage growth and maturity. 

While a number of students come from Lutheran backgrounds, the student body represents virtually all major denominations and faiths, as well as various races and ethnic ancestries. 

At Immanuel, teachers are more than instructors. Their concern for the total growth of each student is rooted in the knowledge of individual needs and Christian orientation that inspires them to go a step beyond. 

Each preschool through 5th grade classroom is essentially self-contained with the teacher responsible for all core academic subjects. Grades 6 through 8 are completely departmentalized in order to take advantage of each instructor's area of expertise. 

Specialty instructors teach music, art, technology, physical education, math, science, language arts, and resource room remediation and enrichment.



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