The curriculum of Immanuel Lutheran School is based upon: The Bible, selected textbooks, and is correlated with the Illinois State Goals for Learning.  The areas of instruction are the following:

  • RELIGION - daily devotions, midweek chapel services, Bible study, doctrine, church history, worship, missions, and memory work.
  • LANGUAGE ARTS - reading, English, spelling, handwriting, literature, creative writing, and research papers
  • MATHEMATICS - arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and related areas.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES - geography, history, civics, current events, and U.S. and Illinois constitutions.
  • SCIENCE - concepts in biological, earth, and physical sciences, health and safety.
  • ART - includes water colors, crayon, acrylics, and sketching, collages, and special creative projects.
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION - physical fitness and wellness, calisthenics, games, team sports.
  • MUSIC -classroom music, a variety of vocal and chime choirs, and band.
  • ATHLETICS - competitive team sports in the Fox Valley Lutheran League may include volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, track, and cross-country. 
  • TECHNOLOGY – Students will have a computer class at least once a week utilizing’s Easy Tech Curriculum. Various software packages and internet resources are also integrated into the curriculum.  The computer is used as an educational tool. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 will be assigned a Chromebook to be used by them each day.  Students will have the assigned Chromebook with them throughout the year and will be responsible for the care of that Chromebook.

For more information about Immanuel's curriculum, contact John Meulendyke Principal at   

Spiritual Development

At Immanuel our goal is to prepare our students to become Christian leaders that have the confidence and ability to change the world.

Weekly chapels, which are led by our pastors, guest speakers, staff and students, provide a time of worship, praise, prayer, and growth.

All classes are taught from a Biblical perspective, emphasizing God's truth as it applies to every aspect of a student's life.

Our emphasis is on traits pleasing to God and to each other.

The following nine traits are felt to be fundamental in building caring individuals with positive relationships

  1. Thankfulness
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. Respect
  4. Responsibility
  5. Fairness
  6. Caring
  7. Citizenship
  8. Joy
  9. Hopefulness

Opportunities to apply Christian principles to life situations are purposefully and prayerfully planned throughout the year.

Academics and the Education ExperiencE

Since its founding in 1875, Immanuel Lutheran School has built a reputation for academic excellence. In cooperation with Immanuel Lutheran Church and community families, students enrolled here discover and develop their God-given academic, physical and spiritual gifts. For the Record, Students educated in private K-8 schools:

  • Score higher on standardized achievement tests
  • Start high school in advanced level courses
  • Continue on to attend college in greater numbers

Better Education Experience:

  • Advanced math courses that translate into High School credits
  • Competitive and inclusive athletic programs for 5th - 8th grades
  • A full curriculum of the arts including drama, a variety of music classes and varied experiences
  • After school programs including chess and art
  • Full day Kindergarten and 5-Day Pre-K prep classes
  • A value focused approach to teaching combining Biblical principles with academic excellence