Healthy Hot Lunch Program

Healthy Hot Lunch Program

In keeping with Immanuel’s philosophy of nurturing our students in mind, body and spirit it also includes our hot lunch program.

Immanuel has instituted a hot lunch program that is based on healthy food choices that enhances our students school day and life style.

A team of moms received their certifications from the McHenry County Health Department and the process has evolved into the current program.  They attended cooking forums from the ISBE and developed outstanding homemade recipes such as Mac n’ cheese, sloppy Joe, marinara/meat pasta sauces as well as an  alfredo sauce that are all made from scratch. The program is constantly reviewed for new and even better healthy options for our students.

All of the entrees are made fresh daily. The beef and chicken are picked up fresh daily from Kalck’s Butcher Shop in Crystal Lake. Lunchmeat is ordered direct from Boars Head and delivered fresh weekly. No MSG or high fructose corn syrup products are used, and the program utilizes a new Get Fresh program that helps local farmers in the USA. We strive for all organic produce and have it delivered fresh each week.

All lunch meat, vegetables, breads and fresh fruits are counted and weighed in order that the healthy suggested servings are met per meal. The meat and chicken are free of antibiotics and always organic. 

Not only is the food selected for the most healthy meals, but also the trays that the children use for their meals in the lunch line are BPA free and have no toxins.

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December hot lunch menu