Clean Air

Due to the trend of making new buildings as energy efficient as possible, the buildings do not "breath" fresh air and thereby enhance the possibility of poor air quality.

Project Clean Air was initiated from the very onset of the the school opening to solve the potential problem of poor air quality.

There are many types of gasses that are released from building related products such as paint, stains, flooring, cabinets and counter-tops, plywood, particle board, to mention just a few.  The gasses are slowly released and become part of the air our students and staff breathe.  

The solution to the problem is simple - employ beautiful living green plants.

A team of NASA researchers, led by Dr. Bill Wolverton, tested the effect of 15 plants on three pollutant, present in spacecrafts.  These same pollutants, namely, benzene, formaldehyde and tri-chloroethylene are also present in schools, offices and homes.  In controlled conditions, this study found that certain houseplants removed as much as 87 percent of indoor pollutants within 24 hours.

Immanuel has over 100 plants in our building to act as purifiers for the air we breath. Volunteers keep our plants healthy so they can keep filtering the air.

As a parent, you can rest assured, Immanuel is not only enhancing their child's spiritual well being but also their physical well being.