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Our God is Real and Present Here!

We want to do all we can today to Prepare Kids for Tomorrow! We are pleased to offer quality PreK - 8th education in a loving and caring environment. Our teachers and staff place a high value on learning, but an even greater emphasis on your children. We believe that in order to truly prepare them for tomorrow we not only need to teach them the fundamentals, but provide them with opportunities to be a good neighbor. Our goal at Immanuel is for our graduates to leave their mark on the world by sharing the love of Christ

Vision Statement

Immanuel Lutheran School will be the foremost provider of academic instruction and Christian education in our community as we faithfully prepare the next generation for lifelong learning as confident Christians, secure in their faith, and fully equipped to serve their Savior.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an exceptional education in a Christ-centered environment which fosters the development of a God-pleasing academic and spiritual life.

The vision and mission statements are based upon the following key beliefs.

We believe in:

• A Christ-centered environment
• A strong partnership between church, school, parents, and students • A comprehensive approach to academics
• Dev
elopment of the whole child

Philosophy Statement

Immanuel Lutheran School, as a ministry of Immanuel Lutheran Church and in cooperation with congregation and community families, strives to prepare its students for the academic, social, and spiritual challenges they will face. Immanuel Lutheran School, with support from church and family, creates a Christ-centered environment that encourages children to creatively develop their God-given academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual gifts as they grow into responsible young Christians.

It is the goal of Immanuel’s program to produce confident, young Christian role models who reflect the love of Jesus Christ in the families, congregations, and communities in which they live and serve.

Why Choose Immanuel ?
Immanuel Lutheran School was founded in 1875 and today is Accredited by the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) and “recognized” by the Illinois State Board of Education. You are invited to follow any of the links below to gain a more detailed perspective, or contact us. We are happy to talk with you! 



As members of the family of Christ, our staff is a caring group of people committed to working with parents through open communication and planned events for the full development of the child's faith.  Our goal is to have our graduates leave their mark on the world by sharing the Love of Christ.

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  • To lead children to Jesus Christ, their Savior.
  • To cooperate with and assist parents in guiding their children into a useful and purposeful Christian life.
  • To help children discover and develop their God-given gifts, talents, and skills and use them to His glory, in the service of His church, and in ministry to the community and world at large.
  • To maintain the highest possible standards of education integrated with and related to the teachings of God's Word.
  • To develop the kind of Christian character that will enable children to live their Christian vocation and become useful citizens and leaders in the church and world.
  • To utilize the special gifts of teachers and parents and other resources to realize these goals and purposes under God's grace.