Church Organ

Immanuel welcomes the newest member of our musical family – the new organ in the Commons!  Filling the space with a richer, fuller sound (reminiscent of the historic church), the new organ will enhance worship, and will be relocated to the new church.

Q:  Why did we need a new organ?

A:  The opportunity came to us to purchase this organ at a greatly reduced rate.  When it was determined that this organ could be moved to the future church, the Board of Governance gave the green light for the investment.

Q:  Why can’t we move the organ from the historic church?

A:  Great question, as the beautiful voice of that organ filled many worship services, and many hearts.  Moving it was investigated and it is extremely cost prohibitive.  The new owner of the church has also requested the organ and the pipes be left in place.

Q:  How was the new organ financed?

A:  A portion of the purchase price was paid by funds dedicated to this type of opportunity.  The remainder will be paid through donations over the next two years.

Q:  Can I donate to help pay for the new organ?

A:  Absolutely!  Your donation is welcome and appreciated.  Use your credit card and click on DONATE NOW to make a tax-deductible contribution directed to the organ purchase.  You may also donate via cash/check by contacting Business Manager, Lynette Mobley, in the church office at 815.459.1441.

Q:  Who do I talk to if I have further questions?

A:  Please see Senior Pastor, Larry Tieman, or Robert Blazek, Director of Music.