Holy Communion

What is Holy Communion?

On the night before Jesus died on the cross, He shared a last supper with His disciples. This experience that happened so many years ago compels us to this day to celebrate Holy Communion. Jesus invited us to share this gift until He returns so that we may have forgiveness of sins, strengthening of faith, and the power to live God-pleasing lives.

God’s Word tells us that when we receive Communion, we are not merely receiving bread and wine, but the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Baptized adult Christians are invited to share this great gift of God. We ask that children experience our Communion preparation classes in the 6th grade before taking communion.

White grape juice is located in the inner ring of the Communion tray for those who would prefer its use. We also offer gluten-free wafers, available at the center communion stations, for those with gluten allergies.

If you have questions about Communion we encourage you to talk with our pastor after Worship or please call the Church Office at 815.459.1441