About Us

Our Mission

For nearly 150 years, Immanuel Lutheran Church and School have been part of the Crystal Lake community. From our beginning to the present, our mission has been to share God’s love through His Word and our actions. In fact, the sole reason that Immanuel exists is for the purpose of “touching hearts and transforming lives with the light of Jesus Christ.”  The Great Commandment—touching hearts (Matthew 22:37-39)  The Great Commission—transforming lives. (Matthew 28:29-20)

Our Vision

Our vision then is to become the “City on a Hill” that Jesus describes in Matthew 5:14.

We believe that God will transform the campus of 300 S. Pathway Court into a “city on a hill”, a central hub in Crystal Lake that will appeal to the spiritual, educational, and recreational needs of families in our community. 

Our Values

We value Lutheran Doctrine. 

  • Christ Alone: Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and the heart and center of all that we do.
  • Faith Alone: We are saved solely by faith, not by our works.
  • Grace Alone: We are saved through the gift given to us by God, when He sent His Son to die on the cross on our behalf.
  • Scripture Alone: We accurately follow the Bible as the complete and infallible Word of God. 

We value People.

  • Compassion for the Lost: We reach out to those “who aren’t here yet” so they might become connected with Christ. The lost are always our first priority. 
  • Care for our Members: We strive to connect our members to Christ through Word and Sacrament and to healthy relationships with each other through small groups and service. 

We value Excellence.

  • We value Hospitality.    We create a welcoming and connecting culture.

  •  In Christian education: Immanuel Lutheran School promotes a Christ-centered environment that encourages children to develop their God-given academic, physical and spiritual gifts as they grow into responsible young Christians.

  • In Worship: First, we honor God by appropriately responding to His gifts with our own best gifts of music, praise, worship, and prayers and the faithful use of His Word and Sacraments. Then, we strive to connect our guests and members with God’s Spirit through music, message, and welcoming culture knowing that this is a mystery and the ultimate outcome is through God’s power alone.

  • In Stewardship: God is a generous God, having given everything to us.  We respond by being generous in return with our time, talents, and treasure.